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The fanaticism of the Singapore on the the shopping second only to the on the of the obsession with of the cuisine. While the Singapore also is indeed is a they can be found the shopping paradise of the almost all items of the. The in Singapore of the along the street shopping malls will be able to to find the the, such as the the items of the high-tech products, the latest fashion style, designer handbag, and and so on on. Although the the Singapore is a the one of the of the the world on the high the of the City, of of the life the level of (as and as the the cost of living), However here of the shopping shops of cater to the a series of budget - from the the luxury goods of the cheap commodity-to-the brand-name of the. All in all, in the the Singapore shopping are both for the convenience, the quality is excellent, there is no clutter the noisy of the bargain scenes of, also do not need to fear of being to defraud.


Therefore, the to Singapore to to meet the your of the shopping desire to of bar!

Singaporeans may be about the best of the bargain-hunting, but for negotiations in Singapore? This is not so much a social norm, but there is still an opportunity for you to get some with the shopkeeper.

Prices are generally fixed in most shops, you may be allowed in the place of an agreement, such as the market or more tourist-oriented areas. A general rule of thumb is that you will be more likely to be allowed to bargain on the market, but not in malls or chain stores.

First, gather an idea of the value of the project you have in mind, compare the price of similar products in Singapore and the home. Another point to note is to always keep the attitude of friendship and mutual respect, will only lead to failure of the petty bourgeoisie and disgust.


When the negotiations is important to maintain the goodwill of good humor joke between you and the seller, or the local called the terms you need to 'give face' to the seller.

If you go to bargain from a simple 'how much money? 'In this regard, the shopkeeper will revert to the highest price. Tell him that you are willing to pay 70% of the amount, and go from there. When buying more than one item, ask for a discount. If you have seen a cheaper place, please tell them. The name of a realistic price, smile a lot, if you do not get what you want, make a polite towards the door often spark a change of heart.

In the negotiations place, you can try at:

  • Tekka Market
  • Forest Plaza
  • Lucky Plaza
  • Little India
  • Antique shop in Tanglin Shopping Centre
  • Watches and jewelry store
  • Flea Markets