Singapore Sling

Singapore Sling "was originally Raffles Hotel Long Bar (Raffles Hotel Long Bar) bartenders Yan Chongwen own cocktails, surprise, actually popular, even famous overseas; who today hailed by wide enough to represent Singapore "national drink."


New York, "Manhattan," Russia has "Moscow ass", Long Island has "iced tea", and the practice of the most complicated places in Singapore this famous cocktail. At the turn of the century birth of the "Singapore Sling", originally named "Straits Commander", the color Hongyan, thus suitable for ladies drink.
Recipes may vary, but it seems at Raffles Hotel, only in accordance with the original recipe, using gin, cherry wine, liqueur Benedictine, pomegranate juice, pineapple juice and Sarawak, in order to create a top-level delicate bubbles. But now many recipes use bottled juice with soda water to foam. Yan Chongwen 1936 memo written by a bar, is still on display at the Raffles Hotel Museum. "Million Dollar cocktail" is Yan Chongwen initiative, the Somerset Maugham mention this wine products in short "letter", the equally renowned quartet.

Since the Singapore Sling widely loved, and now commercial supermarkets and shops have been bottled for sale. Singapore Sling drinks and other products in Clarke Quay (Clarke Quay) of "Commander boutiques in Singapore" have the sound for sale.

Maybe you bent the bar to go to a gallery authentic Singapore Sling, Raffles Hotel immersed in retro atmosphere, but improved models of other equally wonderful bar modulation can also capture your heart. Located in Fullerton on the 1st (One Fullerton) of OverEasy in the "Singapore Sling" add in Angustura bark, flavored one go; located on the Esplanade (Esplanade) of Orgo is mixed fresh pineapple, sour orange and pomegranate juice.