Welcome to Singapore

Singapore tourism is developed, various levels of the hotel, the hotel is complete, both the price of hundreds of SGD most upscale hotel, there are dozens of more economy hotel like the inn and China Ryokan, tourists can choose according to their own economic conditions for more affordable accommodation.

The senior Singapore hotel facilities, atmosphere, service can be regarded as a world-class level, not because of economic considerations must live cheap hotel to Singapore or recommended you live in deluxe hotels. These hotels are either from the appearance of the building or the interior in style, such as the famous Raffles Hotel and Goodwood Park Hotel, both historical value and tourist attractions, they were built in the late 19th century to the early 20th century, its colonies the style of a Western-style appearance makes it the sights of Singapore.
In Chinatown, Little India vicinity of some of the rooms in the 50 small shops Ryokan, they layer shops, two three-storey residential building, with a strong Singapore style interiors, allows you to better understand Singapore, Duxton and Dragon Inn.
In Singapore, there are many budget hotel, including senior apartments, hostels, YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association), the lowest price is Singapore. Such hotel guests travel home and around the world over the Chinese, the majority of Indian businessman living here, sharing anecdotes, in the tourism can happily spend the entire trip. These hotels are more concentrated around Bencoolen Street, Chinatown, Little India. Recently in the outskirts of the residential area, this budget hotel has gradually more.

The group room economy hotel, mostly concentrated in the downtown Bencoolen Street YMCA, as well as some of the old economy hotel, if there is a fully booked, but also try to look for a second home, lodging should not be a problem. Perhaps due to rising prices of relations recently, many guests have turned to Beach Road near the hotel.

In addition, many comfortable budget hotel in Chinatown - (Chinatown, City), as well as near Little India (Little lndia).

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